Specialised Funding for Professional Firms

Does your practice, like many others, experience temporary cash flow challenges due to unforeseen circumstances or sudden events such as Covid-19? Specialised funding for professionals could be the answer.

CapX Finance fully appreciates the financial strain faced by many professions as a result of the lockdown and the devastating effects on the economy as a whole. We offer specialised funding to professional firms to ease that financial burden.

You don’t need fixed property as security. You simply need good clients who pay their invoices regularly. The facility that we offer is a percentage of the debtors book and interest is only levied on that portion of the facility which is being utilized. It’s really that simple.

Specialized professional funding is financing against your clients who have not yet paid the fees for which they have been billed.  It is a revolving credit facility which is based on the performance of your debtors book. We can provide a facility of up to 60% of your current debtors book, at competitive interest rates. We understand first-hand the challenges faced by professional firms and our team is therefore able to tailor a specialised solution to meet the specific needs of your particular practice.

No. Unlike many other financial institutions, we understand the importance of your reputation and confidentiality. Specialised professional funding is therefore confidential finance which is not disclosed to your clients. Speak to us in confidence and our legal and finance team can structure a solution specifically suited to your practice while keeping the confidentiality of your funding and your clients intact.

  • The borrower must be a registered professional practice;
  • The practice should be operating for at least 3 years;
  • The practice must have at least 3 partners or directors;
  • The debtors book must be substantial and well-managed;
  • We will do an assessment of your firm’s debtors age analysis, financial statements and bank statements.

Traditionally, financial institutions want to see a constant flow of cash and require fixed assets as security. Although bank interest rates are generally lower, the reality is that professional firms may require funding because their cash flow is not constant and often don’t have fixed assets to offer as security. The advantage of specialised funding is that your practice can now secure funding against your outstanding invoices.

Even though your practice may not meet all the basic requirements, we understand the various dynamics of professional firms and are therefore able to customize a solution best suited for your exact needs. These may include variable interest rates, flexible repayment terms or alternative solutions such as invoice discounting or secured loans.

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