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All Transport Companies need positive cash flow for growth

A positive cash flow is the life blood of any transport company. Without enough cash to keep on growing, more than 80% of all new transport and logistics companies fail within the first few years. In a depressed economy where many businesses are fighting for survival, large clients can easily stretch payment terms to 60 and even 90 days from statement.
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Invoice Discounting

06 Oct 2015 – Invoice Discounting: Case Study 2 CapX recently received an enquiry from a prospective client with quite a unique situation. The client has a large staff compliment, which in turn generates a hefty salary run on the 25th of each month. Although they did not experience payment problems from their debtors, who…
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Secured Loans

11 Aug 2017 – Secured Loans: Case Study 2 A client is in the business of buying vacant residential plots in upmarket neighbourhoods and building houses on the plots before selling it for a profit. He is able to pay for the plot and a portion of the construction costs, but requires funding to complete…
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Supply Chain Finance provides cash flow benefits to the supplier and the buyer

04 Mar 2016 – Supply Chain Finance provides cash flow benefits to the supplier and the buyer In any supply chain, the cash flows between supplier and buyer are precariously balanced. The supplier needs payment from his buyer so that he can pay his own supplier, who also needs to pay his supplier, and so…
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Invoice Discounting / Factoring

11 Aug 2017 – Case Study: Invoice Discounting / Factoring The normal invoice discounting client discounts one, two or maybe three of his debtors’ invoices on a monthly basis. They also don’t have that many debtors to begin with. What happens then when a potential client has 20 – 50 different smaller debtors? CapX can…
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