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Want to grow your business, but your cash flow is under pressure? Speak to us.

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CapX Finance understands that cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. Without a positive cash flow, it is impossible to grow your business.

At CapX Finance we make quick decisions and use simple documentation which you will understand – no small print and no hidden costs. We do business all over South Africa and Namibia.

We also understand that many cash flow problems are the result of adverse credit terms. These are dictated by larger businesses. The smaller you are, the less chance you have of negotiating good credit terms with your larger suppliers or your larger clients.

We can resolve these problems by injecting working capital into your business.

Established since 1999, CapX Finance is a leading business financier in Southern Africa. We offer a range of financial products to provide working capital and to stimulate business growth, thereby creating and sustaining employment in the SME sector.

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